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NAPAROME.RU (По-русски) NAPAROME.RU (English) Finnlines MOBY SPL / Pr. Anastasia Tallink Silja Line Viking Line Contacts
Routes to/from Finland, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Estonia
Ferry Agency NAPAROME.RU   Online booking.     Prices of the ferry companies.     Accepted Cards Visa & MasterCard.   Credit card holders can pay using the Internet through Booking Form and get on the internet e-ticket
  Tallink Silja Line: Destinations: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia.
South Harbour - Stockholm (SILJA LINE)
Turku - Stockholm (SILJA LINE)
West Harbour - Tallinn Terminal D (TALLINK)
Terminal D - Stockholm (TALLINK)
Riga  - Stockholm (TALLINK)

Viking Line: Helsinki Katajanokka-Stockholm, Turku-Stockholm, Helsinki-Tallinn

Finnlines: Germany Travemunde - Vuosaari Helsinki Finland; Rostock-Gdynia-Vuosaari

St. Peter Line: Destinations: St.Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn
St. Petersburg Harbour MORSKOY VOKZAL

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  Tel.: +7 812 7197656, +7 812 7196428,

Mobil. tel. / WhatsApp / Viber +7 921 9662704

E-mail: info@naparome.ru

Skype: naparome

Daily (ex.Sat & Sun) from 10:00 till 19:00.


NAPAROME.RU (По-русски) NAPAROME.RU (English) FINNLINES Helsinki-Travemunde, Malmo-Travemunde MOBY SPL / Princess Anastasia St.Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn TALLINK    Helsinki-Tallinn, Riga-Stockholm, Tallinn-Stockholm SILJA LINE Helsinki-Stockholm, Turku-Stockholm VIKING LINE  Helsinki-Stockholm, Turku-Stockholm, Helsinki-Tallinn Contacts (English)